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Dog Sizing Guide

How to Measure your Dog:

Measuring your dog is very important as sizes for dog clothes can be confusing. Remember that sizes often cater for small breeds of dogs, so your ''small'' dog may in fact be an x-large in dog clothing! Also please note, each product is sized individually, so your dog maybe a size small in one product, but a size large in another. 


We recommend you measure your dog using the guidelines shown below and choose the size giving the most room.

Important:- This is a guide on 'how' to measure your dog.  In addition to this page, please ensure you check the product size which can be found on each individual product page entitled 'Size Guide'.  This can be found under the product description.  Please check the size on every product you are looking at because sizes vary between styles, so a 'small' in one item, can be a 'medium' in another.

Neck: measure around your dog's neck where their collar would sit.


Chest: (possibly the most important measurement.) Measure the widest part of their chest, all the way around from the top of the shoulder blades to under their armpits.


Length: measure from the base of the neck to the base of the tail (along the dogs back bone).


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1) The 'chest' is a really important measurement, getting it right will mean your dog can move freely without any restriction or without tripping. The correct size will also mean you can fasten up the clothing correctly.

2) If your dog freezes when wearing a new product, it could be because their movement is restricted and they need to go up a size.
3) If your dog is between two sizes (or at the maximum of one size) or has a thick coat (long haired), it is often better to choose the larger size.  Remember that any dog clothing should fit without any restriction or tightness. 

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