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Let's Play!

The Maroon Dog Football Shirt is perfect for any football or sports fans out there!

Does your dog support the same team as you? Or do they go to your child's football match to cheer them on? Why not get them repping the team colours in this personalised dog t-shirt!


The dog t-shirt can be personalised with your dog's name, your surname or your favourite player's name- plus the number of your choice! Whether that's your birthday, favourite player's shirt number, the number you play at or your lucky number. 


Colour: The dog t-shirt is maroon in colour, with sky blue sleeves & sky blue trim around the collar.


Lettering & Numbers: The letters & numbers on the back of the shirt is in white vinyl. 

(The bottom, back of the t'shirt has the Animal Attire logo atached).


Please allow up to an extra 5 days turn-around for personalised products.


Size Guide:

Made with stretch jersey material.


Small- neck 11"-14", chest 14"-17" length 13"-16", 

Medium- neck 13"-16", chest 16"-19", legnth 14"-17"

Large- neck 14"-17", chest 18"-21", length 16"-19"

XLarge- neck 20"-25", chest 30"- 35", length- 21"-24"


(please allow 1-2" measurement error for all dog clothing. If you are between 2 sizes, we recommend you opt for the larger size).

  • Bryan, the model, wears size small (he weighs 5kg, neck 11", chest 15", length 14").


PLEASE NOTE: any personalised dog clothing & accessories CAN NOT be exchanged or refunded, so please measure your dog carefully, as an incorrect size order can't be changed. 


  •  this dog clothing is all hand-made by Animal Attire.


Maroon Dog Football Shirt

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